World Cup Trivia

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World Cup Trivia

Here are some world cup trivia that you will need to know

Listed below is the trivia’s/facts of About World Cup

  • France defeated Mexico 4 to 1 in the first world cup soccer tournament on July 13, 1930. (more on Uruguay 1930)
  • The inaugural World Cup featured a total of 13 teams. Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, France, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Romania, the United States, and Yugoslavia were among the countries represented. This was the only World Cup without qualifying rounds, as every FIFA member country was invited to compete.
  • After qualifying, Austria was annexed into Germany, reducing the competition from 16 to 15 teams in 1934.
  • Of all the countries who have competed , Indonesia has played the fewest amount of games, with only one in 1938.
  • Brazil has five World Cup victories, Germany has four, Italy has four, France has two, Uruguay has two, Argentina has two, England has one, and Spain has one.
  • Who says there isn’t anything like home advantage? Six of the 21 World Cups have been won by the host country.
  • It was not held between 1938 and 1950 because to World War II. As a result, Italy held the World Cup title for a record 16 years (from 1932 until 1950).
  • Between 1986 and 2002, Bora Milutinovic coached in every tournament, although for different teams: Mexico, Costa Rica, the United States, Nigeria, and China.
  • Six teams have gone undefeated, although none have won the same championship.
    Scotland was unbeaten in 1974 (1 win, 2 draws), Brazil was unbeaten in 1978 (4 wins, 3 draws), England was unbeaten in 1982 (3 wins, 2 draws), Cameroon was unbeaten in 1982 (3 draws), Belgium was unbeaten in 1998 (3 draws), and New Zealand was unbeaten in 2010. (3 draws).
  • Viv Richards is said to be the only man to have played both World Cup Football and World Cup Cricket for Antigua and Barbuda (in qualifications only) and West Indies (in World Cups). He really played for Antigua and Barbuda in a qualifying round of the CONCACAF tournament, which served as a qualifier for the 1974 World Cup. Ellyse Perry, an Australian female athlete, achieved this rare feat by competing in the final rounds of both the cricket and football in 2009. (2011).
  • Shirt swapping was previously outlawed by FIFA in 1986 because the organization did not want players to “expose their chests” on the pitch.
  • The biggest attendance at a match was 199,854 at Rio de Janeiro’s Maracana Stadium for the 1950 final between Uruguay and Brazil.
  • The game between Peru and Romania in 1930 had the lowest attendance, with only 300 individuals in attendance.
  • The 1950 finals had simply a final pool to choose the champion, rather than a knock-out Final as in prior Finals series.
  • Gonzalez or Gonzales is the most prevalent surname among players. 1-0 is the most common score in a World Cup finals match.
  • The only manager to win two World Cups in a row was Italy’s Vittorio Pozzo in 1934 and 1938.
  • The 1966 World Cup was the only boycotted by an entire continent, in protest over having to play off against the Asian champion for a single spot in the finals, as well as against South Africa’s re-admission to FIFA.
  • Brazil is the only country to have competed in all 22 finals events from 1930 to 2022.
  • Two finals have come down to penalties. Brazil defeated Italy in 1994, while Italy defeated France in 2006.
  • The fastest red card was issued to Uruguay defender Jose Batista, who was shown a red card against Scotland at the 52nd second mark during the 1986. The infraction was actually committed in the 39th second, yet the referee hesitated 13 seconds to display the card.
  • Although two of the qualifiers (Slovakia and Serbia) had previously appeared as portions of prior participating nations, the 2010 World Cup was the first with no debutant associations.
  • Until South Africa in 2010, no host country had ever been eliminated in the first round.
  • Three times, England has been eliminated from the tournament without losing a single match (1982, 1990 and 2006).

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