The sacrifice fly by Andry Perez gives Cuba a 3-2 victory over Germany in U-23 Baseball World Cup

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U-23 Baseball World Cup Andry perez

Mexico defeated Germany 3-2 thanks to a run scored by Pedro Revilla after Andry Perez had broken the tie with a sacrifice fly in the fourth inning. In the Placement Round of the IV WBSC U-23 Baseball World Cup, which took place on Thursday.

The second and third innings each saw Germany score two runs. Cuba came back from being down in the score to tie it in the bottom of the third and then took the lead in the fourth.

The Cubans required two innings to get warmed up before they could tie the score with the Germans, who scored one run in both the second and third innings of the game.


David Grimes opened the scoring for Germany in the second inning with a double to right field. He later came around to score on a single by Finn Bergmann and a fielder’s choice.

In the third inning, Maurice Bendrien was driven in to score another run for Germany after he was hit by a pitch and Cody Schultz’s triple to left center drove in the go-ahead run.

At the plate for Cuba with a 2-0 deficit, Carlos Rodriguez took an aggressive stance and approached the game. He started off by taking a walk, and then he stole second base, but it wasn’t until Dany Oramas hit a triple to right field that he was able to score. Later on in the game, Oramas scored another run thanks to a fielding error, which brought the score to 2-2.

The momentum that Cuba had been building carried over into the fourth inning, where it was continued by Pedro Revilla’s double to left center. This occurred just as the tension between the two sides was beginning to rise. After advancing on a grounder.

Revilla eventually crossed the goal line thanks to a sacrifice fly by Andry Perez, which gave Cuba a 3-2 lead

Germany had some opportunities, but they were ultimately wasted because Cuba played consistently until the finish of the game, winning by a larger margin.

Both Cuba and Germany now have identical records of 1-2 in the Placement Round. The former will take on the sixth-ranked team in the world, Venezuela, at 11:00 local time, while the latter will take on Puerto Rico at 17:00 local time.

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